Details of the Restoration Project

The truck was found in a barn in Jonesburg MO. It had  been last licensed in 1987.  Although it had been used primarily to haul stuff on a farm, it had also been used on the highways by the Meier boys to go to school, etc.  I purchased it in 2000 and hauled it to its new home in Wentzville, MO.

The ultimate plan is to create a stock looking 1941 truck, although lowered about 8".  It will have all new suspension, disc power brakes, air conditioning, and all modern electricals.  The prime mover will be a 500 HP 426 cid crate Chrysler HEMI with a beefed torqueflite transmission and 1970 Cuda rear axle.

Picking Up The Truck:

Disassembling The Truck:

Check Out This Engine:

Working On The Frame:

Truck Cab Takes A Ride:

Starting To Put Back Together:

Continuing To Put Back Together:

Updates from Spring 2009:

Updates from Summer 2010:

Truck Final Assembly - Spring 2011:

Continuing Final Assembly - Spring/Summer 2012: