About BOB

Bobís love affair with automobiles began some 50 plus years ago.


After the golden teenage years of hot rod clubs and car building, college, career, and raising a family put a


 dent in time related to his hobby. He did however continue to be involved in all sorts of car related activities.  While an


 engineer for Chrysler, he was involved with some of the Chrysler race teams, and the production of Roadrunners, GTXs, Chargers, and Street Hemi cars. The next quarter century found him deeply involved in auto safety issues.


During this time, he kept his finger in his hobby with turbocharging projects, muscle car renovation,

and authoring articles for performance magazines like Hot Rod, Popular Hot Rodding, Mopar Muscle,


Street Rodder and the Bonneville Racing News. He also found time to get his 200 mph license on the Bonneville Salt Flats.



After retirement, Bob spent some of his time as an official of SEMA, and and is currently a consultant for the auto industry.


The 1941 Dodge truck that is subject of this site is his latest, and probably his last, major car building project, but he sure is


having fun doing it.


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